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Gump's is a luxury American home furnishings and home décor retailer, founded in 1861 in San Francisco, California. The company was acquired by the Chachas family in June 2019 and announced that it would be opening a San Francisco location for the holiday season as well as an e-commerce business.

Victoria mentioned, "I shopped at the new Gump's the second day they were open.Firstly I was underwhelmed at the space and inventory.Its basically two rooms and the inventory is recognizable as what was left over from the old store The worst part of my experience was the treatment I received from their employees.It was a hot day and while I was shopping I asked an employee for some water.He looked at me and said "Water?We don't have any water! I returned home and called the store.The employee who answered the phone laughed at my recounting my experience and refused to let me speak with the manager."


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Fullfilment coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I worked for their DC in Olive Branch in management for 5 years. This place was ran by an unqualified bully that would belittle and curse at me and would on a regular basis threaten my job if I didn't jump through unrealistic hoops. HR wasn't aware of the problems because he would loose his mind if any of us spoke to HR. Would go so far as to have IT track every keystroke. His paranoia was sickening.PayManagement"

EVP (Former Employee) says

"Gump's is one of very few retailers who still carries a wide range of luxury products in it's store. This assortment, however, is not reflected in the catalog that sells primarily cheap gifts for seniors. It needs to create one universal brand image across all channels.Beautiful products in-storePoor quality and cheap product in the catalog"

Clerk (Former Employee) says

"This place is good for any one looking to make a few extra bucks for the Holidays. Easy work place, good people to work for. Very laid back place. Overtime"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Great luxury brand goods store with 150 year old history. I work collaboratively not competitively and so working with other sales associates that had 20-year careers at Gump's was difficult but that is retail. I really loved learning about silver, china, crystal - Daum, Lalique, Baccarat - beautiful things! I loved it.Selling beautiful and interesting crystal, silver, china.Competitive. I work collaboratively."

Gallery Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Best of times, worst of times. The customers are great, it's fabulous to be part of a San Francisco institution, selling great vendors. The poor thing, is the people in charge of the brand do not cohesively work together to make it a stronger brand."

Inventory Control (Current Employee) says

"I acquired great experience from this job, excelent co-workers that made a great work environment."

Horrified says

"I am submitting an official grievous complaint. Our driver was sick, was not wearing mask properly. He kept sniffling and coughing. We noticed already into our drive from LGA to Manhattan. We asked him several times if he was sick and he did not respond. We were trapped. He could not find our hotel and when he stopped for a moment we said we were getting out. It was about a mile from our hotel. We had to carry 5 pieces of heavy luggage. I am type I diabetic. My daughter and i were horrified. His name is AVTAR, car #7264, plate T514612C. If we get COVID sick we are reporting this to the proper authorities."

M.Schwartzer says

"As on all prior trips to NYC, I had made reservations ahead of travel. I received the normal txt msg to notify the service when we were curbside ready for pickup which I did. 15 min after est arrival time I called to inquire where my driver was. The call was picked up and then hung up. I received a call back with new car/driver info with another 15 min eta. 45 minutes after our original estimated pick up time, a driver arrives. At this time, we were now the only people left standing curbside in front of the terminal (early morning arrival during pandemic). The pick up driver was not the person indicated on the revised notification. He arrived in a dirty, dumpy banged up van that had trash strewn across the front seat, console and floorboard. The back seat area had paper (intended for seat covering) scrunched around in different places and both the upholstery/windows were dirty. The driver was disheveled and unkept. He wore a ratty, frayed mask, had on flip flop sandals with eagle claw toenails, and a long beard. He did not help my daughter and I with our luggage, just stood and watched us put our luggage in the back. He mumbled a few statements which neither of us could understand. He proceeded to speed down the freeway and at one point then fully opened both of the back windows (I assume due to Covid-19 protocol). But if that were the reason, he should have partially opened as we left the airport and said something prior. Additionally, as he maneuvered through traffic lanes, he repeatedly slammed on the brakes at the last minute causing us to lurch forward in the back seats. To say that we were creeped out by this experience is an understatement. I did take pictures. I am still shocked that I was dumb enough to get in the vehicle, but after a redeye flight in and waiting so long, we just wanted to get to our hotel. Big mistake! What happened to the great car service that our family has used for so many years?! I have recommended Dial 7 to many friends visiting NYC over the years. I am embarrassed. In all my years of work and leisure travel, domestic or international, I have never had a car experience like this one. We have always had a newer model clean sedan or SUV arrive with a nicely dressed/groomed courteous and helpful driver. Never again. And yes, I was stupid enough to give him a tip for being out and driving during the pandemic."

C. Mitchell says

"The driver did not show up; did not call me. I was waiting for over 20 minutes without hearing anything. When I went to grab a cab instead, the driver finally called me, and I informed them I was grabbing a cab, and the driver cursed at me over the phone. I've previously had good experiences with Dial7, but a car service is only as good as their worst experience. I need to trust that when I need to get somewhere by a specific time, the service will get me there by that time. At the very least, when I'm paying well over $100 for a single car ride, I expect professionalism at all times, not being cursed at. Not only will I not be using Dial7 again, but my firm also uses Dial7 regularly, and I will be telling them about this experience so they know when the office reopens to prioritize other car services."

LS says

"I booked dial 7 purposely because I wanted an hourly car service; however after the car was reserved, I was told that based on my trip, I could not book the car hourly and I would be charged a flat fee, which was above the amount I had budgeted to spend. Then upon the completion of my trip, I discovered multiple withdrawals from my bank account from Dial 7 for varying large amounts of money. When I called customer service to inquire about this, I was given an unsatisfactory response about how this is standard practice. I was told the amounts would be “released” which they ultimately were because the money was eventually returned to my account, but after several days. This was a very disappointing experience, way more costly than I anticipated and I will not be using dial 7 car service again in the future."

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